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Our Crops

Ludowese Family Farm is a family owned and operated business that raises corn, soybeans, sugar beets, edible beans, sweet corn, and soybeans for seed production. Approximately 70% of our acres get seeded to corn every year to feed our local farmer-owned ethanol plant. Harvest typically begins in August with sugar beets and edible beans, this carries through the months of September and October into corn and soybean harvest, with the harvest season often ending in November.

Our Philosophy

We believe in taking the long-term approach in every aspect of our business. Farmers typically get 40 chances at growing a crop throughout their career. In order to make the most of these opportunities, we emphasize the importance of learning, adapting, and implementing the best practices possible.

In an industry that has so many elements beyond our control, we set our focus on key, controllable areas that have the deepest impact:

Caring for and managing every acre as if we owned it

Intensely focusing on quality and details

Being a fair and friendly customer, employer, and partner

Building WIN/WIN relationships

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63901 190th St.
Stewart, MN 55385

Joe: 320-894-4533
Evan: 320-583-0876
Austin: 320-583-8800

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